COB Does Well at ERAU Last Chance Invitational in Florida

Photos by Ralph Epifanio (Full Album)


Members of The College of the Bahamas track team headed to Daytona Beach, Florida this weekend to compete in the Embry Riddle University Last Chance Invitational. Below are their results. Our Florida affiliate had on-site coverage.

Photo Album

Meet Coverage and Results

D Bethel, Kendera   106-02.75
D Burrows, Gerrard   133-05.50
D Cooper, Knastachia   80-03.75
D Duncanson, Julianna   128-03.25
D Innis, Delron   128-00.25
D Oembler, Ashley   120-10.00
HJ Romer, Leonardo   6-00.75
J Culmer, Kirkland   139-03.25
J Roker, Terrane   138-07.50
J Romer, Leonardo   142-09.50
LJ Cargil, Shonte   13-10.25
LJ Roker, Terrane   17-01.50
S Bethel, Kendera   34-07.00
S Burrows, Gerrard   40-05.00
S Cargil, Shonte   24-00.25
S Cooper, Knastachia   31-00.00
S Duncanson, Julianna   40-06.50
S Higgs, Khyle   40-03.75
S Innis, Delron   42-07.75
S Oembler, Ashley   37-05.25
S Roker, Terrane   28-03.75
WT Innis, Delron   50-06.25
200m Nixon, Traz   24.63
200m Rolle, Shaynae   30.47
60H Cargil, Shonte   11.83
60m Nixon, Traz   7.22

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