Strachan Sets To Live Out Dream

(Photos by Kermit Taylor/Bahamas Athletics and Jason Byrne/MileSplit)

Anthonique Strachan is the next in line of great Bahamian sprinters. Still in high school Strachan is beating Olympians and the best is on the horizon. See what her training has been like so far in 2012, why she thinks London is a realistic goal, and much more.

You had a great 2011 running  a blazing 22.70 at the Pan American games which was a Bahamas Junior National Record. What did that record mean do you?

The record to me was a huge accomplishment because at that meet I only planned to run around 22.8, but instead I ran a 22.7 it was amazing and it made me very proud for all that I have done before that to be able to hit that time even with an injury.

After that you traveled to Daegu, South Korea for the 2011 World Championships. What was that experience like?

After Junior Pan Am I went to Daegu and that trip was my biggest time of the year and mattered the most to me because it gave me my chance to live a dream which was to run with the athletes I once watched on television repeatedly and followed up on. It was a great accomplishment for me.

What has your training been like in 2012?

In 2012 my training has been rather light but I'm getting into the heavy work outs shortly.  My season last year ran from January to September which took a real toll on my body. I decided to get back into gear like about November or December of 2011 for training and give my body sometime to catch back up with me.

You ran your first meet of the year last week. How did that go?

I ran at the odd distance meet held at the Thomas A. Robinson stadium. I competed 75m and the 250m and came out on top in both events.

The T-Bird Classic is this weekend, but you won't be running the 200 rather the quarter?

I'm planning to ease myself back into the quicker races with the advice of my coach Ms. Dianne Woodside. I had a long season and I  prefer to slow it down a little . I always try to get in a few 400's before the season gets down to crunch time and becomes packed with teams and meets to qualify for.

You are still in high school and already beating some Olympians. How realistic of a goal is London?

Going to the Olympics has always been a dream for me. When I was around seven years old I saw that they had Debbie Ferguson's face in the rings with a few other people and I told my mom that one day my face will be there and the world would be able to know my name. A chance to be able to go CARIFTA is as real as it gets. It's going to take a a lot of discipline,  perseverance, and loyalty.  With my coach, the heart and love I have for track and running, and with the help of God anything is possible .

How important is it to you to carry on the strong tradition of Bahamian sprinters and set the tone for the younger generation much like the "Golden Girls" did for you?

It's rather important because everyone looks up to someone and I already have some kids telling me that they love the way I run. Even though I don't show it to much because I keep more of a calm attitude and face, it's really nice and helps me to keep pressing forward every day.

  • Personal Bests

    100 Meter Dash

  • 200 Meter Dash22.70

  • 400 Meter Dash55.00

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