Two More Medals for Bahamas: Collie-Minns Twins Get Gold, Bronze



HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, BAHAMAS!  A day after Shaunae Miller won the first-ever Bahamaian World Youth gold medal, Latario Collie-Minns added a second. And soon thereafter his twin brother Lathone secured the bronze leaving no doubt that this most successful Bahamian youth team in history.  The twin effort vaulted the country into eighth position on the medal rankings.

Latario's winning jump was 16.06 meters (52-8.5) and Lathone hit 15.51 (50-10.75), with only Albert Janki of Russa interupting the sweep.

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Other Bahamas Results from Day Four

  • BOYS 200: Stephen Newbold won the first heat of the semis with a scorching 21.08 and is the second-fastest qualifier going into the finals tomorrow for the last and final day of IAAF Worlds. Could the Bahamas add yet more medals the count?
  • GIRLS SPRINT MEDLEY: The team of Devynne Charlton Carmiesha Cox, Pedrya Seymour, Gregria Higgs finished fourth in the first heat of the semis in 2:11.10, which missed advancing to the finals by less than a second.
  • BOYS SPRINT MEDLEY:  The team of Anthony Adderley, Delano Davis, Stephen Newbold, Andre Wells finished second in their second heat of the semis, with the third fastest time in the round (1:52.66) which will move them on to tomorrow's finals!
  • GIRLS 200:  Carmiesha Cox ran a very quick 23.99, finishing fourth in her second heat and just missing the finals.




Boys' Triple Jump Final - Bahamas' twins get gold and bronze

IAAF PRESS RELEASE, Laura Arcoleo for the IAAF


Lille, France - For most of the Boys’ Triple Jump final tonight it looked as though for the first time in the history of athletics twin brothers would clinch gold and silver in the same competition!

Indeed, Latario and Lathone Collie-Minns who had respectively won Group A and B in yesterday’s qualification rounds found themselves in the lead at the end of round 2.

The World Youth leader at 16.55 Latario opened with a massive 16.06 to secure gold with his very first jump. In fact the Bahamian didn’t look a bit concerned about the outcome and why would he; no other youth athlete had gone beyond 15.80 this year let alone broken the 16 metres barrier.

His brother Lathone meanwhile backed his opening 15.12 with a second round 15.51 which placed him securely in silver medal position.

The French supporters had also something to be pleased with as their own Jean-Noël Cretinoir was holding on to the bronze medal position with his opening 15.37 which he further improved to 15.39 in the third round.

Not only do twins look alike, they often act the same and both Latario and Lathone decided to pass their third round, they both fouled their fourth and then passed again their fifth.

The tactic may have paid off for Latario whose 16.06 remained unchallenged and secured the Bahamas’ second gold medal of the championships after Shaunae Miller’s 400m gold yesterday.

However, it was South Africa’s Albert Janki who was in fifth position before his sixth attempt who completely shook the standings with his final step, hop and jump. Aided by a 2.6m/s tail wind, Janki landed at 15.95 (his personal best standing at 15.50) to secure a surprise silver medal.

Lathone responded but his last round effort 15.43 would not be good enough as the brothers were eventually split into gold and bronze medal position.

Russia’s Maksin Lustin also concluded well his fifth round effort 15.45 leaving him fourth just ahead of Cretinoir in fifth.


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